Never Forget your Baby in the Car with this Voxx Sensor Device

As I have mentioned regularly, technology and Bluetooth technology specifically is quickly becoming a huge part of our normal lives. Ranging from electronic devices such as keyboards to portable speakers, the Bluetooth feature has been going on an upward trend.

Perhaps we have not seen too much of this outside the entertainment industry. However, this gap is also being focused on now with Voxx targeting the childcare market with a product called Baby on Board. So what does this do exactly?

Well, all you do is place a weight-sensing device under the car seat. Now, if you leave the car without realizing that the baby is still inside the car then you’ll be alerted to this fact via a Bluetooth connection with a separate key that you hold. That sounds quite interesting because I have never seen anyone leave their child behind like that. It would certainly be incredibly irresponsible of me to leave my child behind but I guess there are some people in the world that have done this before. For this reason, I would probably say that this product might be useful for new parents!

The price of buying this product is quite low at around $60 so it might be worth be worth being safe than sorry. However, it is probably best to do some of your own research and find out how the entire system works before making the purchase!

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