Bluetooth Issues Ravaging the New iOS

We all know that there have been lots of problems associated with Wi-Fi and the new iOS 8 ever since it was released a few months ago! Well, it seems that along with Wi-Fi, bluetooth has also been a major source of frustration for iPhone and iPad owners!

Even though Apple have been trying their best to sort the problem out, the number of complaints doesn’t seem to be dying down. The  has been affecting pretty much every accessory which includes connectivity to car stereo system!

Even though, Apple products are so popular around the world, I feel that they’ve been unable to sort these small issues and bugs within their system. The good thing is that you might be able to sort out the Wi-Fi problem by getting a decent non-Apple router.

Despite the prevalence of these problems, a lot of people have been very happy since the update has come out. This might suggest that you might need to upgrade your device in order to eradicate the issue. This might not be ideal for people who have spent well over their budget to buy an Apple product.

The only good thing is that the excellent customer service on Apple’s part will easily replace your device if there are any serious connectivity problems with it! Therefore, even if you think there is a minor problem with your new iPhone or iPad, it might be worth making an appointment with Apple!

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