Best Exercise Headphones vs. Running Headphones

If you have been following my blog since the beginning then you will be aware of my post on the best headphones for running a marathon. Today, I will quickly discuss a similar topic which I like to treat differently. When I’m running, I like to use earbuds as they suit me better for the activity that I’m doing. In comparison, I consider the classic over-ear style to be better for workout headphones. This is because the movements are not as drastic as when I’m running. In consequence, I like to hear top of the range sound quality that cannot be produced by earbuds when I’m working out.

These are an excellent pair of headphones for working out.

Choosing awesome workout headphones can be different when compared to finding the best headphones for running. This is because I’m usually worried about the earbuds staying in my ears when I’m running. However, when I’m in the gym, I like to wear full size headphones that have their own specific characteristics. For example, they must be lightweight with a slight structure rather than bulky and heavy.

My current pair of headphones that perfectly suits this description is the Jaybird Sportsband. This is available for only $99 and has a range of colors to choose from. There are a couple of awesome things that I can think about when it comes to these headphones. The first of these is the wireless feature which means there are no wires to distract to distract me. On top of this, Jaybird usually have a lifetime warranty against sweat and this is exactly what is needed during an intense workout.

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