The Bose Sound Trues: One of the Best Earbuds under 100 Bucks

Having a good set of earbuds have almost become a fashion accessory. Getting the Bose SoundTrue earbuds, which are known as one the best earbuds under 100 bucks is perfect whether you’re going out for a jog or are on the bus to work. Now you don’t need to look like a weirdo in public with those massive over-ear headphones that look totally out of place. The Bose SoundTrue earbuds look incredibly stylish and feel like a premium product, which is surprising considering they cost less than $100.

Most people have heard of Bose and there’s no doubt that it is a top brand, with many admirers. They also spend a lot of money each year on advertising their products to ensure they remain the top headphone brand. The good thing though is that they don’t compromise on the quality of their products. The Bose Sound Trues are often considered as the best earbuds under 100 bucks.

What we really like about the Sound Trues is that they sound fantastic but at the same time, look great. Often, you get some brands, which only focus on sound quality, and others, which only look at design. That results in an incomplete product, which will only appeal to certain consumers. Until the Bose Sound Trues arrived, there wasn’t really a set of earbuds out there, which looked great but had excellent sound quality as well. The Bose SoundTrue in-ear headphones come in a wide variety of stylish colors and designs.

The standard black and white versions cost just $89, but if you want something more colorful, you can choose the Ice blue or the Indigo colors, which might cost you a little bit more. The Ice blue version, in particular, looks really cool and would be perfect if you’re planning on using them whilst skiing or snowboarding.

Comfort wise, you won’t get a better pair of earbuds than the Bose Sound Trues. They’re made to fit perfectly into your ears, which is important when using earbuds. When you’re going out for a run, there’s nothing more annoying than your earbuds consistently falling out. They’re very comfortable to use and when testing them ourselves, we felt no discomfort, even after 2-3 hours of constant usage.

Sound quality is impressive and very balanced. It’s a well-known fact that earbuds tend to have worse sound quality than proper over-ear headphones. You could argue this to be the case for the Bose SoundTrue earbuds as well, but they still have much better sound quality than similarly priced earbuds.

One of the biggest concerns people have when buying earbuds is the durability factor. When you’re spending a $100, you expect them to last you at least a couple of years. That’s not normally the case though, and even more expensive earbuds have a tendency to break after just a couple of months. Luckily, the Bose Sound Trues are built to a better standard and should easily last you a couple of years as long as you take care of them.

Bose have also added in a nice leather case for free when you buy the Sound Trues. That’s a nice touch by them, especially since a case of similar quality will cost you an extra $20 at least.

While this post may come across as slightly biased towards the Bose SoundTrue in-ear headphones, I don’t think anyone can argue that they are a top quality pair of earbuds. When you consider the price, as well as the free lovely case you get, the Bose Sound Trues are easily one of the best earbuds under $100.

Denmark to Become a Cashless Society

Technology has really taken over the 21st century. We have seen some crazy inventions over the last few years and it’s almost unbelievable to think most people didn’t have access to the Internet less than 15 years ago. Nowadays, a Full HD 1080p TV is a minimum requirement in every home.

A lot of people have even moved onto 3D and 4K TVs. The rate of technological advancement is simply absurd and you have to really think how long it will continue at this pace.

There is news going around that Denmark could be banning all cash registers from supermarkets sooner rather than later. Yes, you heard that right. Apparently, the proposal is for the change to happen by the start of 2016. Electronic money has obviously had a huge impact on our lives. There have been a lot of positives and clearly, there have been less attempts by burglars to steal cash from people. There are still concerns of a cashless society of course, and it’s mainly to do with privacy. Most people are worries that going cashless would allow the government to track your every move.

Is it time to adapt to this change and embrace virtual currency? It’s a very tough question to answer, especially in light of the Bitcoin hacks. Not carrying cash does keep burglars away, but there is still plenty of fraud happening with virtual currency. This will only continue to grow as we move towards a cashless society.

Europe and Denmark in particular seem to be leading the charge for electronic money. In Denmark for example, only 6% of all transactions are cash-based. In contrast, almost 50% of all transactions in America are cash-based. It will be interesting to see how this develops but if Denmark does indeed go ahead with its proposal for a cashless society, USA and the rest of Europe may have to follow suit.

Why the Microsoft Surface Tablet Couldn’t Beat the Apple iPad

With reports going around claiming Microsoft have written off more than 1 billion of losses relating to its Surface tablet, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss just what went wrong with it.

The truth is that Microsoft’s entire strategy was a mess. They were well behind the Apple iPad and even the Android tablets when they first entered the market. Yet, the prices they were charging were ridiculous. In some cases, they were even higher than the iPad. It’s common business sense to charge a lower price to attract customers when you release a brand new product in a very competitive market. Compare that to a company like Bose Headphones, who have adapted very well to the increase in competition. Obviously, it’s a very different market we’re talking about, but still, it’s the way you operate a business that makes the difference.

The Microsoft Surface Tablet has failed miserably since its release and has seen nowhere near the success of the Apple iPad.

The Surface tablet was definitely a good product. It looked sleek and had huge potential. But, the introduction of the initial Windows RT operating system was pointless. It was basically Microsoft releasing an unfinished product and charging a shedload for it. The best thing to do would have been to spend more time to develop the official Windows operating system and release when ready. They should have also encouraged developers to create apps for their platform. Giving away a couple of tablets to these developers for free would have been worth nothing to Microsoft. Or, they could have charged very low prices upon release instead of running multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. Instead, they were stubborn and continued on with their poor strategy, which ultimately cost them a lot of money.

It’s crazy to think Steve Ballmer is a Harvard Graduate and the CEO of Microsoft. It seems like he has single-handedly destroyed the company in the space of 10 years. Bill Gates would be proud.